The Ultra-Orthadox Values in Education | Banich B. | Assignment #4


Values are the common ideas shared among groups or individuals  of a culture about what is acceptable or not. It allows people to distinguish what is right from wrong in society. An individual’s values has a great influence on their behavior and serve as a foundation of guidelines in all situations. Values have a voice on every day life and define what is socially accepted. For this reason, values are an individual’s principles or standard of behavior, and define what is important in life. Different cultures hold different values which influences its members of society. One cultural factor that holds a great influence on values is religion. Ones religious values may define their actions and roles, and in some extremities lead them to seclude themselves from the rest of society.

this In Israel, the Ultra-Orthodox group hold a highly particular set of values influenced by their religious beliefs that dictate their every day life. Their religious extremity allows them to hold a vas amount of power in the Knesset, due to the lack of separation of church and state, which allows them to impose their values and ideologies upon other members of society. One example of this is in the field of education.  Naftali Bennett, the minister of education and chairmen of HaBayit HaYehudi, spoke about the “combination of instructing Jewish and Zionist values and instilling universal values.” The “religious politician from the radical right” spoke upon Jewish values in reference to Orthodox Judaism he grew up with. For example, in the “Israel Jewish culture” curriculum he imposed for public schools, fifth graders will be taught around the main topic of “the attachment of the the people and the land.” It is noted that Orthodox organizations receive 95% of the budget to support Jewish culture, while pluralists organizations are left struggling to with the left overs, begging schools for acceptance. This is a political tactic of investing the publics money into education because Bennett knows that “today’s students will be tomorrow’s voters.” For this reason, Yahadut HaTorah and Shas, run independent school systems go to any extreme to reject any attempt to insert core subjects into the curricula. This is an effort to continue imposing the same Ultra-Orthodox values into the young community in order to maintain government power, by insuring the individuals grown and vote for politicians with the same values as them. The Likud, Labor and recently even Yesh Atid dare not to oppose the Ultra-Orthodox “fearing that election day will turn into a day of vengeance” since the coalition has a very small majority. Through enforcing religious teachings, the Ultra-Orthodox  are able to impose their values and maintain power in the exchange of thousands of children paying the price by reaching adulthood “without learning basic life skills.” This lack of proper education minimizes the number of individuals eligible to enter the work force, and essential adds on to the negative downfall towards an increase in poverty within the ultra-religious community.


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The Ultra-Orthadox Values in Education | Banich B. | Assignment #4

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